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Library Media Center

The Chesterfield School Library Media Center provides materials and resources to support and encourage students in their journeys to become lifelong learners as well as effective, responsible users and producers of information. The media center is staffed by a certified library media specialist.
Regular instruction is provided in the library media center to promote book selection skills, reading as a source of personal enjoyment and to satisfy individual, intellectual curiosity, research skills, and digital literacy skills such as, website evaluation, internet research, privacy, and becoming responsible consumers and producers of digital information. Third through fifth grade students attend library class weekly. Kindergarten through 2nd grade students attend the library twice a week. The second class of the week focuses on technology-related skills. Students in upper grades are welcome to check out library materials independently at any time.
The checkout limit for students increases as students get older (1 book in Kindergarten up to a maximum of 4 items for older students), but may be modified if a student is struggling to return books in a timely fashion.
Parents/guardians are ultimately responsible for the cost of lost/destroyed library materials. Periodic reminders are sent home throughout the school year regarding overdue items and letters are sent at the end of the year detailing the cost of missing items. Feel free to contact Ms. Waters in the library with any questions.